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Soundarya Rajinikanth speaks about her marriage - Publish Date: 18-Jan-10
Rajini's second daughter, Soundarya Rajinikanth is getting ready for marriage and the betrothel will be held on 17th Feb 2010.
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HosurOnline approached Soundarya to detail more on the events that lead to the marriage of her with Aswin.

After initial hesitations, she agreed to speak to the senior reporter Mr. Richard of HosurOnline and here below are the details:

HosurOnline:  Why its Aswin?

Soundarya:  Aswin's family and mine are close friends.  My father liked the family of Aswin and hence he decided for the marriage.

HosurOnline:  Is Aswin your childhood day friend?

Soundarya:  No, I met Aswin only a year ago.  We became friends after that.

HosurOnline:  You said, both of your families are friends, then how come you met Aswin only a year ago?

Soundarya:  What you guess is right!  Its me, who introduced Aswin's family to my parents.

HosurOnline:  Then, is this a love marriage?

Soundarya:  Partially Yes and Partially No.  Even though I liked Aswin, its my parents who arranged for this marriage.

HosurOnline:  After marriage, will you live in Chennai or prefer to move to someother country?

Soundarya:  We will live in Chennai. 

HosurOnline:  It is said that the financial trouble between you and your friend and the news that came in news channels made the announcement of your marriage too quick by your father.  Is that true?

Soundarya:  Sorry, no comments.


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