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Its me who is the mentor for Silk Smitha - Publish Date: 15-Feb-11
Silk Smitha, the name and the female associated with it was considered as a symbol for sex and was found ruling Kollywood in 1980s and early 1990s.
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Recently in an interview to HosurOnline, Vinu Chakravarthy declared that he is the person who named the Andhra born Beuty Vijayalakshmi as Silk Smitha.

Vinu Chakravarthy was worried about a movie in which Vidhya Balan is acting as Silk.  According to him, he never consider Vidhya Balan as equal or similar to Silk.

Vinu Chakravarthy added that Silk, when alive, used to discuss anything and everything including but not limited to Career, Love, Sadness and sex with him.

Vinu Chakravarthy also remembers that it was he who found Silk in a place where he used to visit regularly and brought her to Kollywood and gave an acting career.

Vinu avoided a question on what the place was that he regularly visits!!!

According to Vinu, its Nameetha who is suitable for taking up the role of Silk.  Vinu also said that as he knows in and out of Silk, he has already wrote a biography about Silk and got it registered as a story and will soon make a movie having Nami in the Silukku role.


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