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Kovai Sarala's wedding plan - Publish Date: Saturday, July 21, 2012
Though Kovai Sarala has answered several questions related to her marriage and search for a suitable life partner, this is the very first time, she has disclosed the secret about the delay...
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Kovai Sarala spoke to HosurOnline recently and the discussion was about her marriage plans and personal life.

The discussion started with her career and opportunities.  She said "Today, without comedy, there is no movie and several movie makers depend on comedy sequances for the success of their product.  This makes me feel like doing the heroine role, as its me who help in the success of the movie.  Several women are not taking up the comedy role as their career, just because, many time one should remain jobless."

Then the discussion got diverted into her personal life.  She answered the question about her wedding plans by saying "I have lived a life.  Several people gossip that I have taken up 'Thuravaram'.  For a person to live a clean life, its not required to take Thuravaram.  A clean life means, one should not cheat anyone or harm other's welfare."

After a silence she continued "I am happy serving the children of my relatives.  I am helping them in getting a quality life and education.  I am happy with that.  I consider these children as my own.  That gives me mental satisfaction.  I don't want a marriage relationship...."

With a little smile she said "I don't want to spoil a man's life, by taking him as my life partner..."

According to her, she is not for a married life.


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