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"Trisha's movie made me to loose everything" Samar Ramesh - Publish Date: 25 February 2013
Vishal along with Trisha did a movie named Samar, produced by T Ramesh. Recently, Vishal has said that he was not paid full salary as agreed for the movie Samar.
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Countering Vishal's claim on salary issue, T Ramesh, the movie's producer has said "There is no salary or any other payment pending for Vishal or any other actor or technician who worked for the movie Samar. After making this Samar stared by Vishal and Trisha, its only me who have become empty, loosing all of my money"

Recently, Vishal claimed that, "When I was to pay some money to Lingusamy, actor's association forced me to make the payment to him but when I was to be paid Rs 75 lacs for the movie Samar, this same actor's association kept mum"

Replying to this allegation, Samar's producer went in detail by saying that "It was agreed to pay Rs 3.75 crores for Vishal. I actually paid all the money for him and in addition I paid Rs 25 lacs as tips, making the total payment to Rs 4 crores."

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