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Ramarajan begs for survival? - Publish Date: 22-Jan-09
Ramarajan, the actor who was at his career peak during 1980s and 90s is presently almost zero now.
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During his career peak, he gave his call sheets to new comers and for producers who does not have money.  Ramarajan owned several billion rupees at that time and was saying NO to leading directors and producers.

He married actress Nalini (Few say, he was forced to marry Nalini by a politician at that time), and his downward journey started.

After fathering two children, he took divorce from Nalini.  He fell sick and lost all of his money.

Now, he is acting in a movie which is being produced by Ramarajan's relative (as there was no one to make a movie having Ramarajan as hero) and having a new face as director.

As the producer and director do not have money and no financiar is ready to fund Ramarajan's movie, with no option, they are begging for the actor to the fans of Ramarajan.  Recently a teacher family was approached by the producer and he took 50k as donation from them.  The producer is tricky in indentifying the donar.  He plans the shooting spot in rural villages and finds people who says they are fan of Ramarajan.  Immediately he approaches them for donation for the survival of Ramarajan and they too offer atleast 5k and some upto 1 lac!!!


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