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Neetu Chandra Hot Bikini Pics - Publish Date: 25-May-09
Neetu Chandra Hot Bikini Pics With Krishika Gupta Creates Controversy
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Actress Neetu Chandra is known for her controversies and hot revealing photo shoots more than her movies. This time the hot girl has really got in to trouble for a photo session with a model Krishika Gupta. The photos show both girls clad in bikini getting so intimate that to some it seems like a lesbian act. The problem started at the shoot itself at a well known 3 star hotel in Mumbai.

Neetu Chandra

Neetu Lesbian act


Neetu Chandra's act for The Man magazine looked too raunchy to some onlookers and they started yelling and even tried to physically harm the crew. The shooting had to be canceled but the magazine has decided to go with publishing the pics. Reportedly, some of the guests complained the manager about the lewd photo session.

But the actress has another story to tell. Neetu says, "Though the concept about two girls getting very intimate was a bit outrageous, we were doing it very aesthetically. But these men were a frustrated lot and couldn’t take the heat. They only saw nudity in our concept." The actress further says, "First they tried to seek my attention with smiles and stares, so I acknowledged them. But as I went on with my work, the whole group of men suddenly started feeling ignored and began creating a scene. They did manage to scare me when they started to politicise the issue and scream communal slogans. That was when we had to stop the shoot." You must see the pics closely to decide whether it is a lewd lesbian act or not!


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