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  Chinni Jayanth
Real Name          : Krishnamurthy Narayanan
Date of Birth      : 26th July 1960
Place Of Birth   : Chennai, India
Father's Name  : Narayanan
Mother's Name: Sudadevi
Siblings                             : Son: Sunil Vishnu
Spouse                             : Lalitha
Studied Upto                   : Acting course (Diploma in Film Technology, DFTech ) from the Madras Film Institute in Taramani
Previous Carrier            : Memicry artiste
Introduced Film              : Kai Koduum Kai
Director                           : Mahendran
Languages Acted          : Tamil
Awards Won                   : He won the Film Fans Association- Commendation award for 'Unakkaga Mattum' in 2000. Has won the Indian Movies-Singapore Award for Best Comedy Actor Has got Felicitation from The Mayor of Toronto for his performance . Has won the Special Award from Variety for ‘Kaanal Neer’ Won innumerable other awards for his roles in movies like Idhayam, Kiyhaku Vasal, Chinna Pulla, Kna Ethire Thondrinal, Unakaga Mattum and Kaanal Neer.

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