People kissed by me are not necessorily my boy friend: Kajal

Kajal with Boy Friend
Kajal with Boy Friend

“I might have kissed or hugged a man for the camera or not for the camera, but for that matter you shall not come to a conclusion that the man is my boy friend whom I plan to marry” declares Kajal Agarwal commenting about the photo that shows her with a man in Dubai.

Speaking about her photo with a ‘Tholil Athibar’ of Mumbai, she further stated “I have lot many men as friends with the tag ‘Tholil Athibar’. I have been with them for different occasions in different locations. While being with me, these men capture the moments being with me. If some one else release such photos on the internet I can’t take responsibility for the same. I do not know, why media is showing so much attention for these kind of images.”

Agarwal made it clear that “I have no boy friends. I have not yet decided whom to marry. Time for my marriage is in very long distance. If I decide with a man, for sure, media will be kept informed”

Kajal is now in her 30s.