Sivakarthikeyan troubles his wife as he falls in love for Bindhu Madhavi?

Sivakarthikeyan and Bindhu Madhavi
Sivakarthikeyan and Bindhu Madhavi

Upcoming Kollywood actor Sivakarthikeyan is in news for bad reasons now.

It is said that, Sivakarthikeyan is troubling and torturing his wife as he has developed love for Bindhu Madhavi who has been gossiped along with Jai and Vimal.

As the cry of Sivakarthikeyan reached outside the house, neighbours rushed into the house for help and an enquiry by them has revealed that Sivakarthikeyan is torturing his wife to give him divorce as he wanted to marry Bindhu Madhavi.

Sivakarthikeyan was living a peaceful life with his wife in a house at Valasaravakkam.  After Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga, he has developed relationship with fellow actress and is now troubling his own wife…

Meanwhile, today, Sivakarthikeyan called up all the pressmen to declare that he loves only his wife Aarthi and he has nothing to do with Bindhu Madhavi.